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Soft-launched in 2013, this e-commerce website sells Judaica – Jewish ritual and display art – direct
to the consumer. The site caters to the more discerning Judaica consumer seeking a more intimate
A number of large and small retail competitors exist. Some exist solely as an e-commerce store,
others operate a brick-and-mortar store coupled with a website for worldwide exposure. Other
competition, to a lesser degree, includes brick-and-mortar only stores, Synagogue gift shops, and
artists themselves.
A Google search of “Judaica” will quickly pull up many online Judaica sites. One, however, will
quickly discover that few to none of the sites are designed and organized in an aesthetically
appealing way. The sites that rank highest on Google essentially market themselves akin to Walmart.
They offer a large selection of Judaica with little regard to quality or design. The selections are so
vast, and the quality range is wide, that many consumers feel overwhelmed and turned off by such
sites. Judaica is meant to be a meaningful purchase, and no competitors offer a site catered to those
that seek a more discerning, credible, thoughtful, pleasing experience.
Other lower ranking sites mostly market themselves in a similar fashion. A few that attempt to
market themselves as hip and boutiquey come across as tacky.
The market lacks a boutique Judaica site that reassures the customer that they are buying quality,
first rate Judaica. The site offers a more select collection of handcrafted Judaica, with a focus on
quality over quantity.
Products are obtained direct from the artist and/or distributors. Retail markup is generally 40 to 50
percent of retail price. Nearly all products are handcrafted by artisans.
The six million person U.S. Jewish population is the primary audience for this site. The remaining
eight to 12 million Jews worldwide is the site’s secondary audience. Lastly, non-Jews, are not to be
overlooked. Non-Jews purchase Judaica for gifts and also for personal collections. For example,
the shofar market among non-Jews is strong.
A fair question to ask is if this website just soft launched, why is it for sale now? In short, the
proprietor of the website spent significant time developing the concept, researching artists, designing
and developing the website, acquiring products, and soft-launching. However, in the midst of the
site’s inception, the proprietor met a woman, fell in love, got engaged, and moved in with her and
her two small children. Additionally, the proprietor holds a full-time job. While he continues to
believe in the business’ ability to break through the clutter of existing Judaica sites, he is simply
unable to juggle the business, a new family, and a full-time job.
The proprietor is not seeking any money for the business. The proprietor is offering the whole
business to the right person(s) in exchange for a small equity stake in the business. The proprietor
will turn over all components of the business, including concept, research, website design,
ecommerce platform, social media components, inventory, shelving, and shipping supplies. He will
also continue to provide ongoing assistance to the business.
The two most pressing needs of the business are inventory acquisition and search engine
The right partner(s) must have the ability to devote substantial time and modest financial investment
in the business. Experience in e-commerce or retail desirable. Search engine optimization
knowledge a bonus. Chicagoland-based preferable but not required.