OH! I Know You Through Three Degrees Of Seperation

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Andy Nathan is a Social Networking Schmoozer who takes businesses social networking marketing from snooze to schmooze, so they can have social networking stress relief and get back to what they do best.

Kevin Bacon has nothing on me! As you will see in this post!

I was at a networking event yesterday, and the presenter, Sue Koch, made an interesting comment about how I am two degrees of separation from everyone in the world. It was a funny reference to Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon, but it started to get me thinking about that on a different level. Between all of the social networks that I am on, along with the multiple Twitter accounts that I have how close am I to every person in the world?

I actually might be three degrees of separation from the vast majority of the planet. Bear with me on this strange and extravagant experiment designed to show how a normal schmoozer is closer to the world than at first he may appear. Magic and mystery await! Besides, if you do not like this post, what else is there to do on a Friday? Enjoy a beautiful spring day or have fun with your family?

Three Degrees of Separation Ingredients

First, we need to list my social networks. Please do not drool with too much excitement, I am not listing them all here for time and sanity sake. Some estimates will be made, and incorrect assumptions from here on out are explained in a very small disclaimer that does not exist at the bottom of this post. Look really closely for the 1 point font that I used to write it out.

Twitter-  Total followers ~150,000        

(3 largest @andynathan, @smartatthestart, @checkgoodies)

Facebook-4,476 Friends

Facebook Fan Page- 530 Fans

LinkedIn- 776 connections

Plaxo- 465 contacts

Digg-266 Connections

Foursquare- 230 Friends

MLMSocial- 126 Friends

The list just keeps getting smaller from here. The fact is that altogether the remaining networks might not have more than 1,000 connections combined.That means we are talking about a total of around ~157,000 social network connections. However, I know that about 1/3 of those connected through different Twitter accounts and other social networks are repeats. I like people to be on multiple networks with me (That might be another blog post in itself). That means if we take that number and chop off about 33% we have approximately ~105,000 connections combined.

Perfect! Now, we have a base to see how far away I am from the rest of the world.

To read the rest of this blog post, go to You Don’t Know Me, But I Am Three Degrees Of Separation Away From You.

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