A Tip on Where to Move Your Small Business with Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl of Evanston

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Elizabeth Tisdhal, Mayor of the City of Evanston, suggests the ideal place to choose when starting up or locating your small business.

Emotional Health for Entrepeneurs wih Lightning Atkinson

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Lightning Atkinson, Lead Consultant at inMotion, talks about the need for managing your emotional health while running your small business.

Reviewing Your Financial Situation with Cynthia Early

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Cynthia Early, Financial Coach with Edward Jones, emphasizes the importance of reviewing your financial status with a qualified professional,

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AEPoker Tournament 2012

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AEPi supports Keshet at it's annual poker tournament


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Government Resources for Small Business with Dave Davis

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Dave Davis, Grant Coordinator & Constituent Advocate at Rep. Jan Schakowsky's office (IL-9), shares suggestions on government resources for small business owners.

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Self Employment Tax with Linda Forman

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Linda Forman, CPA / Accountant in Evanston, provides advice and resources on setting aside money for self employment when starting up your own small business.


This clip was recorded at the NAWBO Chicago Annual Achievement Luncheon on April 19, 2012.

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A Notice for Additional Taxes in Your Mailbox?

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Don't ignore tax problems or IRS communication. Here is some practical advice on how to deal with it...
A thick envelope comes in the mail, bearing a proposed federal or
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Three good reasons to get a good business portrait

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A picture's worth a thousand words when it comes to letting people know who you are.

As I've blogged about elsewhere before, having a good portrait made of yourself is a good idea no matter what profession you are in or ambitions you have. People can hear about you and read about you, but a picture will help them remember you and form an opionion of you at gut level.