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JB2B Discounted Tickets For Internet Prophets LIVE! June 8-10 - The Midwest's Largest Internet & Mobile Marketing Conference

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Discounted Tickets To See Jay Conrad Levinson, Larry Winget, Marc Ostrofsky And 26 Other Leading Internet, Mobile, and Marketing Experts LIVE In Chicago - June 8-10, 2012


Jay Conrad Levinson, Larry Winget and Other Leading Internet, Mobile and Marketing Experts Coming to Chicago

$45 Professional Head Shot Session & Free Digital Portrait File

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For a limited time only, Duron Studio Photography will offer participants of The Business Event a $45 Head Shot Portrait session which includes one (1) free low resolution image file.


Three good reasons to get a good business portrait

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A picture's worth a thousand words when it comes to letting people know who you are.

As I've blogged about elsewhere before, having a good portrait made of yourself is a good idea no matter what profession you are in or ambitions you have. People can hear about you and read about you, but a picture will help them remember you and form an opionion of you at gut level.

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You might call it a Snow Day, but we call it a Social Media Day!

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During one of the largest Blizzards in the history of the Midwest, people are spending the days indoors. However if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur you need to be producing.


Oh the weather outside is frightful, 

But the fire is so delightful,

And since we've no place to go,

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!