Branding Your Business with Your Customers in Mind with Meg Dysart of Think Mint Chip

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Meg Dysart, Marketing Director at Think Mint Chip, provides branding advice to small businesses when working with clients.

What's Happening Medical Pros To Know Feature Offer May 2013

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Medical Pro's to Know - reach the North Shore into nearly every mailbox

    What's Happening! week of May 18th editions Feature: Medical Pros to Knowwith additional focus on Lifestyle 50 Plus

Using Both Sides of A Business Card with Iris Marreck

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Iris Marreck, Owner of Iris B Communications, talks about the benefits of taking advantage of both sides of a business card.

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Blogs That Create Sales Do 1 Thing Really Well

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Your blog had better do one thing really well: Create RESPONSE. Here's how you can make your blog produce leads and sales.


Is your blog creating re-action beyond sharing? I’ve been using LinkedIn and blogging to generate business-to-business leads and sales very effectively lately. Surprisingly, the key to success is coming from creative thinking about what I already know works, getting my target market to take action and moving them off of social media.

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How to Create Blogs that Sell Your Products & Services

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Tired of wondering what to blog that will create buyers? Here's a simple solution.

"How do I decide what to write about in my blog?" Or, "What's the right balance of 'providing value' and my product/service?"

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SLSF Partner Featured at Round Table Presentation

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Sharyl Ross, one of SLSF’s tax partners, spoke on the topic of “Preparing for College Age Children to Leave the Nest” at a recent round table event.

Sharyl Ross, one of SLSF’s tax partners, spoke on the topic of “Preparing for College Age Children to Leave the Nest” at a recent round table event.  Joining her on the panel were Sheri Warsh of Levenfeld Perlstein and Heather Locus of Balasa Dinverno and Foltz.  

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How to Make Facebook Sell for You in 3 Steps

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In the next 4 minutes I'll show you how to sell a product or service on Facebook

Struggling to make social media produce leads and sales for your small business? Ever find yourself asking, “what should we be doing on social media, when, where, how and why?” Stop. Whether you're wondering about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or blogs. I'll show you a way to guarantee social media marketing hits your bottom line—produce more leads, sales and repeat transactions, starting tomorrow. No bull.

Get back to basics

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Interested in Marketing Your Business - Discounted Tickets to Marketing U: Marketing for the Modern Business

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Register now for Marketing U - 50% for JB2BN Members

Marketing U:  Marketing for the Modern Business

Generously Underwritten by GCG Financial

September 22, 8:30AM - 11:30AM

GCG Financial - Event Room

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A Brand Is More

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A Brand is more than a logo, a slogan and a...




A Brand is More Than a Logo, a Slogan and a Trademark






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Every Company Has An O.P.O. What is Yours?

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Every company has an Optimum Positioning Opportunity (O.P.O.).

Every company has an Optimum Positioning Opportunity (O.P.O.). The opportunity for the company to claim a unique strategic position that they can own in the mind of their customers and prospects.


It is the position that will differentiate you from your competitors and be compelling and appealing to the people you want to reach. It is the strategic position upon which you base your brand platform and therefore will influence all of your marketing communications, your company’s culture and organization.