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Learn about Connection Marketing - Free Lunch

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Tips for Networking Follow-up with Robert Wasseman of Sales with Power

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Bob Wasserman, President of Sales with Power, provides tips on how to deal with business cards, tools for networking events, and other great advice!

21 Ways to Get Publicity and Increase Sales!

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Reporters are constantly on the lookout for products, companies, and individuals to write about.


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A Video Marketing Seminar for all JB2B Members from

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Would you like to sit in front of the camer and see how it feels ?

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JB2B Networking and partner to produce Video Business Cards for members

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Video Marketing is the most effective medium to build a relationship with prospects in todays sound bite society

We have produced a video to tell you about an exciting opportunity to grow your business with the aid of web marketing.  Please click on the link below to watch this video.  Thank you.

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Effective Networking

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There are a number of actions you can take to build good will and credibility in your relationships

To be an effective networker, you should always be working on strengthening

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Lights, Camera, Success: The time for Online Video Marketing is now.

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Video is the most powerful attention getting medium with the highest rate of retention

There is an old business adage, “keep doing business the same way and you will get the same results”. The message wasn’t supposed to be a compliment.  It suggested that ignoring change can have a negative impact on your business.  

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Video Business Cards

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Are You Ready for a Video Business Card

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Marketing Tips from The Maven

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You are your own most important product! See why here!

Marketing Yourself

1.         Your most important product is yourself: Whatever you sell, people are buying into you first and foremost, then the product/service you offer.

 2.         Determine goals – realistically: Reasonable expectations lead to lack of disappointment.