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Google Hummingbird, Your Business Website - IMPACT

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The biggest change in search in 12 years and it will effect your business

The biggest change in search in 12 years and it will affect your business.

It is important to view Google and it's purpose in context to the past 12 years looking into the future.  Google is not just a search engine.  It is a highly motivated company that is constantly looking for solutions that will spark people to create everything from apps to content to be part of Google's grand plan.  Why participate?  It's one of the most important aspects of your search engine promotion techniques, but not the only one.

Facebook's New Timeline - Wow ! Opportunity Knocks

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You have to love the developer's at Facebook. Splitting the page so your posts do not disappear - PRICELESS

Opportunity knocks every so often and Facebook's timeline in no exception.

Now your social media skills will pay off having the right environment for more

visuals and longer exposure time.  Busy sites with 5000 members have a bit of turnover on

the profile page. Extending the timeline is priceless.