Branding Your Business with Your Customers in Mind with Meg Dysart of Think Mint Chip

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Meg Dysart, Marketing Director at Think Mint Chip, provides branding advice to small businesses when working with clients.

Tax Credits for Employers with Gideon Blustein of IDES

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Gideon Blustein, Deputy Director of the Illinois Department of Employment Security, provides tips on how employers can be eligible for large tax credits.

How To Run A Successful Small Business in Illinois 2013

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Join us for a FREE evening of information and networking. You will hear short presentations from well known experts in the following areas important to any small business owner:


April 17, 2013Posted in:

Electrical Engineer Needed

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An opportunity for an aspiring electrical engineer

As I mentioned, my Father-in-Law, at the age of 93, is planning on retiring and is looking for someone with EE skills to take over the support of the devices he invented and sells. His company is Wayne Engineering is specializes in building devices for vision training. The customer base are optometrists, OT's, sports therapists, and coaches. He has been in business for over 30 years and his key desire now, is to be able to retire AND ensure that his customers can continue to receive support.

March 22, 2013Posted in:

Auto Insurance Tips with Steven Schwartz of AAA North Suburban

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Steven Schwartz, of AAA North Suburban, provides tips on how to shop around and save money on your auto insurance.

December 22, 2012Posted in:

Can you (or someone you know) use a free flu shot voucher?

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Walgreens and Jewish B2B Networking has a limited number of flu shot cf flu shot vouchers available.


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Thinking About What You Need with Ann Fisher Raney of Turning Point

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Ann Fisher Raney, CEO of Turning Point, shares advice on managing and taking care of yourself and some of the guidance mentioned to clients, staff, and family.

November 30, 2012Posted in:

Taking Care of Yourself While Job Searching with Helene Levine of JVS Chicago

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Helene Levine, Director of Employer Services with JVS Chicago, talks about the need for "being a better you" and eating / staying fit while in transition.

November 22, 2012Posted in:

Effective Stratgies for Networking with Jeff Rosset

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Jeff Rosset, Director of Marketing for Midwest HR, discusses the importance of prioritizing your networking efforts and maintaining a database of your professional contacts.

November 9, 2012Posted in:

Reviewing Your Financial Situation with Cynthia Early

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Cynthia Early, Financial Coach with Edward Jones, emphasizes the importance of reviewing your financial status with a qualified professional,